Dota 2 Reborn recebe partidas ranqueadas


Em nota postada no blog oficial, a valve anunciou o lançamento de partidas Ranqueadas em Dota 2 Reborn, a nova interface para o MOBA.

Além das partidas ranqueadas, Dota 2 Reborn agora conta com todos os itens cosméticos lançados até 16 de julho, inclusive o Collector’s Cache e o Immortal Treasure III. Os desafios do Compendium também foram liberados, aqueles que completarem no Dota 2 Reborn receberão 50% a mais de moedas.

O que é o Dota 2 Reborn

Lançado em 17 de junho em versão beta, Dota 2 Reborn é uma grande atualização na interface e motor gráfico do Dota 2. Agora ele usará a Source 2, terá suporte a jogos personalizados – como Pudge Wars – melhoras na conectividade, mudanças no tutorial e muito mais. Você pode ver a interface em ação no site oficial.

Veja a lista completa de mudanças da última atualização (20/07) para Dota 2 Reborn (em inglês)

Mudanças No Dota 2 Reborn


Ranked Matchmaking has been enabled in Reborn Beta.

Compendium challenges are now enabled. For the next few weeks, challenges completed in the Reborn Beta award 50% additional coins.

Reworked the client and server animation timing systems in order to improve features sensitive to animation desyncs, such as last hitting and projectiles.

Enabled all cosmetic items released by 7/16 (including the Collector’s Cache and Immortal Treasure 3)

Rebuilt the network stream system in order to improve packet reliability as well as how the game responds whenever there is packet loss

Fixed input lag in DX9 in cases where the GPU couldn’t keep up with the CPU.


Fixed a bug where in-game portraits weren’t showing overridden models, for example, Crystal Maiden’s arcana.

Fixed a crash relating to Luna’s Eclipse when she has Aghanim’s Scepter.

Fixed a crash related to combining observer wards and sentry wards on the courier.

Fixed “Normal Maps” video setting not being saved properly.

Fixed some video settings changes getting reverted if they were made while playing a custom game.

Fixed cases where fire particles in the map would show through tree geometry.

Improved the performance with Tinker’s Immortal Rollermaw.

Reduced CPU usage of sound output.

Added support for 7.1 audio systems.

Made various adjustments to the Dota map.

Fixed a bug with Windranger’s first blood voice line.

Improved font size for Thai characters.

Fixed a bug where the courier’s deliver items command could get into a bad state if one courier was dead.

Fixed various client crashes and memory leaks.


Pressing the Enter key when the accept match dialog appears will now accept the match.

Join Chat Channel dialog now allows sorting by channel name or channel member count.

Added support for copy/paste to the dashboard chat.

Added support for initiating and accepting trades from within the game client.


Added the ability to gift wrap items from the armory.

Fixed bugs where popups or context menus related to chat were minimizing the chat while they’re up.

Fixed some bugs where left/right clicking while interacting with a text selection in a label was behaving strangely.

The embedded web browser is now properly put into Background Mode when the browser is no longer visible.

Fixed a bug where tooltips wouldn’t appear in the accept match dialog after the player accepts/declines.

Many popups now support hitting the Escape key to dismiss them.

Fixed various bugs related to the hero loadout screen becoming blank.

Fixed cases where the hero loadout screen was playing the spawn animation too erroneously.

Fixed bugs where the hero model would disappear from the loadout screen.


Added more variability to the 9th and 10th slot of the top custom games list, to provide more opportunity for other popular games to grow a bigger player base and move up the list.

Added a weighting factor to games displayed in the suggested games panel. Games that consistently get very low playtime when they appear in the suggested games panel will show up less frequently.

Added a vote dialog that appears after playing a custom game you haven’t voted on.

Dota now also considers your upload network quality when choosing a host for a custom game.

Some complex custom maps should load significantly faster now.

IsCastableWhileHidden key added to npc_abilities.txt, to allow scripts to cast the ability while it is hidden.

The dota_modifier_dump command now displays more accurate information.

MODIFIER_EVENT_ON_ABILITY_FULLY_CAST now has a target defined in the modifier params.

MODIFIER_PROPERTY_ABILITY_LAYOUT now uses the highest value instead of the first applied value.

Added ModifierGained filter for adjusting modifiers when gained.

Added the ability to create Lua-based items.

Lua memory allocation tracking is now more accurate.


Added GameUI.SetCameraYaw, GameUI.SetCameraPitchMin.

Added Game.IsInAbilityLearnMode(), Game.EnterAbilityLearnMode(), Game.EndAbilityLearnMode.

Added Entities.GetAbilityPoints.

Custom games can now specify keybinds in addoninfo.txt which are local to that game mode.

Changed JS API EmitSound() to return a handle that can be passed to StopSound().

Changed PrepareUnitOrders() to use new OrderQueueBehavior_t rather than bForceQueue.

The UI Example has been refactored to demonstrate improved panel performance techniques.


Added Lina as a playable hero.

Shift+Click now has cast-in-place behavior.

Shift+Click uses the new QueueBehavior order, to prevent shift key queuing the ability.

Added an example of using custom game keybindings.

Added Lua defined items, an example of dynamic item properties.

Juggernaut’s abilities now scale with base damage as well as ability damage.

Added item_broadsword_epic to rpg_example to showcase dota_item_lua.

Added two Lua-based items that provide effects to their user when a target dies: item_saprophytic_blade, item_ritual_dirk.

Allow player to teleport to checkpoints (they’re now buildings that get their team assigned when they’re triggered).

Play sound when checkpoint is activated.

Item drops get launched from the killed unit.


Mac/Linux: Made various framerate and bug fixes.

Mac/Linux: Added a fullscreen mode that allows better interactions between the game and the desktop.

Mac: Improved performance on OSX systems with nVidia GPUs.

Mac: Fixed issues going from fullscreen to windowed mode.

Linux: Fix various problems when running under Turkish locales.


Enabled support for stereo morphs

Model Editor: Added menu options to re-order animation groups

Model Editor: Fixed a bug where arrays in the property editor were not drag-and-drop reorderable.

Hammer: Fixed tint not working on static props that had alpha set to 0.

Hammer: Added the gamma_to_linear and linear_to_gamma console commands to convert color values.

Hammer: Fixed bug where copying a tile from one tile set to another could result in tiles with invalid property values which could then never be successfully matched.

Hammer: Fixed bug where lifting the material under the cursor would pickup hidden tool materials in tile sets.

Hammer: Fixed bug where lifting materials or using assets under mouse didn’t work for models placed in a tile map

Hammer: Added a toolbar button to toggle tools materials seperately from everything else.

SFM: Added support for rendering alpha masks to poster and movie layoff

SFM: Fixed materials using expressions to use SFM time when rendered from the SFM

SFM: Fixed IK pole controls to draw correctly

SFM: Transform controls are now drawn with left/right/center/misc color-coding

SFM: Typing in character picker now always filters by name

SFM: Particles recorded from the game which were attached to models now are locked to (ie follow) those models

SFM: Fixed depth of field using only as many progressive refinement samples as motion blur

SFM: Recording from demo files now works

SFM: More work making Auto Attach Rigs more robust

PET: Improved preview of psf-related operators

PET: Fix for crash when selecting a model helper pointer or scene object pointer as the target of a scalar value.

Dota 2 Reborn recebe partidas ranqueadas

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